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The Rondo Brothers are The Bastard Prince and Diamond Jim, two bay area based multi-instrumentalists, DJs, and producers. They became the Rondo Brothers in 2004 after living in New Orleans for several months working with Galactic on the Ruckus album, and getting into a hotel hot tub with all of their clothes on.

Having already contributed to various projects through friend Dan The Automator, such as Deltron 3030, Dr Octagon, and Lovage, the Rondo brothers made their own breakthrough album "No Time Left On Earth" which was a clever take on Hawaiian music mixed with beats and electronics. This earned them a spot opening for the Handsome Boy Modeling School White People tour in 2005. They followed up with a second record "Seven Minutes To Midnight."

Subsequently, the Rondos were invited to join Head Automatica, a side project of Glassjaw frontman Daryl Palumbo. This led them on multiple national tours opening for The Cure, Interpol, Thursday, the Rapture, and more.

While gaining accomplishments as live musicians, the Rondos also wrote and recorded on dozens of commercial scores, films, and television shows, as well as getting opportunities to turn in remixes for artists such as Lily Allen, Common, the Beatles, Shwayze, Peeping Tom, and others. They’ve scored a series of NFL cartoons and wrote the song “Ocho Cinco” that gave Chad Johnson his now famous legal nickname.

Now heavily in demand producers, the Rondos produced with Bay Area indie favorites Loquat, nerd core hero MC Lars, as well as tracks for artists such as Scissors For Lefty, Kid Beyond, the Lovemakers, the Matches, and many others.

In 2008, they were offered a chance to record tracks with metal-guitarist guru F Sean Martin from Hatebreed who was working with legendary bay area MC Motion Man on a project called King Beast - the Rondos and Motion Man hit it off, and the three started working on a new project of their own, the Foreign Globester.

In 2009, the Rondos finished two album for MC Lars, and currently are working as full-time producers for a side project with up and coming Australian brother duo the Kin, who were introduced to the rondos by producer and collaborator Jack Douglas.

Also accomplished songwriters, 2010 will see the rondos release a cut of one of their co-writes on the new Galactic album, sung by R&B legend Irma Thomas, as well as a co-write on Alligator Records’ artist Eric Lindell.

In spring of 2011 the Rondo Brothers released their Foreign Globester album through Oglio/DMAFT records. Later in the spring, they worked on Torches, the Grammy nominated, platinum selling album by Foster the People. .

Q & A

Are you guys actually brothers?
Yes, in a Star Trek sort of way.

What album do you want to be buried with?
Shaved Fish - John Lennon.

When you produce a song, what is the one thing you wish you could do more of?
Go outside.

If you could produce an album that has already been made, what would it be?
Gun of Brixton - The Clash.

What's your favorite cartoon?
Thomas the Tank Engine.

You're prodcuers, remixers, composers, dj's, performers, is there anything else you do?
Golf, tennis and freestyle walking.

What 70's band would you join if you could have joined any

What's your "go to" DJ track?
Dancing Queen - Abba, sounds like someone poured liquid ecstasy over the whole room when you drop this.

What's your secret weapon in the studio?
Jack 3d.

What's your secret weapon outside the studio?
A fairway wood.